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all seasons in one day 31 °C

Hi folks and sorry for the delay in processing a sample of photos - all taken by Mary (who has an eye for the 'quirky' as you will soon see!
Further photos will be uploaded as fast as we can process them.
ENJOY - as you journey with us.
Finally getting photos uploaded. Interested in old bridges, vehicle, steam trains, churches and historic buildings - see some today!

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Warwick to Home

sunny 30 °C

Monday 3rd

This lack of Daylight Saving means that we are getting woken up early and so it happened again this morning. Anyway that meant that we were organised fairly early and ready for ‘off’.

The road and traffic conditions were pretty good so we took the highway through Cunningham’s Gap for the steeeep descent from the Great Dividing Range. The weather was fine and there was very little breeze and most of that was a head wind.

We made a brief stop at Aratula for a brief leg stretch and continued on to Beaudesert to obtain groceries for home. Once again we had GPS issues as this Navman absolutely insisted that we had a speed limit of 60 KPH for most of the 20 or 30 Km from Boonah to Beaudesert, in spite of the fact that the actual signs said 90 or 100 KPH. At least the Navman did not have us driving through the Wyralong Dam as did the failed Garmin!!!

Topping up with some fresh meat and groceries and we managed to find home before lunch. Both pretty tired as the recent 40C had been rather draining. The unloading and cleaning took more than a day but we are back into the local swing of things again and I can actually have a swim after being seriously restricted from swimming since February with the various surgeries.

So, seven weeks on the road and what did we find the most interesting or important?

The War Memorial in Canberra was full of impact, the upper Murray River was very pretty, the Flinders Ranges again thrilled, the Lightning Ridge sights were very interesting indeed. The rather boring barrier Highway section was very tiring both with the heat and with the standard scenery that did not change a lot.

Sharing almost all this trip with good friends also made a great difference as we all got on well and enjoyed some similar and some different sights and experiences – but that is life!

Thank you to each and every one who has taken an interest in this journey that was largely a repetition of the Murray valley self-drive in 1964. I am not sure on which wooden bridge I experienced the massive electrical failure in 1964, but there were one or two that we saw on this latest journey that may have qualified.

Finally, an apology for not being able to upload any photos while on the road, however, this was in large part the result of Wi-fi difficulties with the laptop on which all our photos had to be stored. I have decided that, in a few days (we both have other urgent commitments this week) I will mostly use Mary’s photos for this rip as she has managed, with a small camera, to get some really nice shots.

Comments made privately, have highlighted the need for readers to communicate with us while on the road, so we will endeavour to remedy that in future trips.

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semi-overcast 32 °C

Sunday 2nd
A lovely and cooler morning than we have had for some time. A few more items for Mary to put through the wash and we headed off to church in town. A nice welcome and a challenging message from the young associate pastor. Some useful ideas from him!! Must remember them.

Basically the downtown area was closed down which we found a bit of a surprise so back to camp to get the ironing done and lunch dealt with.
A quiet afternoon in an almost deserted camp so very peaceful today. Took the opportunity to load all of our photos into the other laptop and were pleased at most of the results. The weather looked a bit threatening but nothing happened to cause concern so hope for a peaceful night.

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semi-overcast 35 °C

Saturday 1st

A few more items to get cleaned up and we were ready to take a break for a while, so, after lunch we decided to take a local drive tour to see the famous Queen Mary Falls. The round trip was supposed to be about 70+ kilometres, except for an unplanned side trip up a one way gravel road to Mount Colliery! Ooppsss! Sorry about that ute as we now don’t have a lovely clean truck to drive home in! Near the top of a nearby mountain we noted that a bush fire was putting quite a lot of smoke into the mountain air. Hopefully they fire crews managed to put it out in time. The change in farming management compared with recent huge paddocks and arid countryside and although here the paddocks were small there was plenty of evidence of wheat, cattle and general farming taking place here. Dry farming techniques were in evidence everywhere so this must also be a dry spot too but with better soils.

Moving right along we found the village of Killarney at the foothills and took the quite narrow sealed road up the valley to the turn-around point at the Falls. Quite a few other vehicles were already here and we joined them in the car park.

Although it was another very warm day we decided to take the short walk down to the Queen Mary Falls Lookout. It only took a few minutes but seemed longer because of the aggressive fly attacks!! The falls were really a good look, in spite of the dry season low rainfall, so we enjoyed the view. My attempt at using a different camera setting that supposedly gave wonderfully ‘smart’ waterfall photos did not deliver what it promised. Again!
There is a much longer walk down to the base of the Falls but we decided that time was against us so maybe we’ll do hat next time. Returning to the truck we headed back down the roadway to the Dagg Falls and they also looked pretty good for the dry season.

Time to head home and we had an easy run into Warwick in time to organise dinner. But not without a threat of rain – but that didn’t happen until I started to return from having a welcome shower and down came the rain and the wind increased significantly.

After watching some TV we had an early night and had just got to sleep in the heat of the evening when my mobile rang! It was the WA contingent advising progress through the Goldfields. Very pleased to hear that all was well for them on their sightseeing.

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Yelarbon to Warwick

semi-overcast 38 °C

Friday 31st

With only about 140 Km to travel today we sort of got started on the highway towards the important small town of Inglewood enroute to Warwick. Arriving in Inglewood we decided to have one last fling at their local bakery and were not disappointed! A stroll around the small town and we were ready to keep moving.

The heavy truck traffic did not affect us as we gradually made our way from the flat landscape of many previous days and found that our faithful ute still remembered how to negotiate hills! The trees seemed to be much taller so we assumed that the soil may be better than much of the arid region soils of many previous days. The style of farming indicated that this was a more prosperous farming area.

Soon we reached the outskirts of this regional centre of Warwick and were soon set up at Kahlers Oasis CP (a spot we had used several times previously).
Mary couldn’t wait to start cleaning the van in readiness for our arrival home on Monday!! In spite of the heat and humidity. After most of her planned work had been completed we popped into town to give the ute a very much needed wash and shampoo. Looked great afterwards without the red and other dust everywhere.

A visit to the Coffee Club and a few items from Woollies and that was the day done.

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