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Nyah to Mamanga NP

sunny 26 °C

Saturday 4th

We decided to move on to a camp at Mamanga near Balranald, NSW, and located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. The journey was along the Sturt Highway and through many hectares of grain and grapes.

It was an enjoyable trip and we managed to locate the campsite (although not a well-publicised camp) and found that we were right n the bank with a great view of the river. What a champion place for a stay. It is located as part of a National Park and managed (I understand) by a local Aboriginal organisation – and a great job they do too. There is a modern ‘long-drop’ toilet and rubbish bin collection. Must re-visit this spot again!

Adrian could not resist the fishing and managed a variety of fish and enjoyed the meal that he had earned. We were surprised, during our setting up, to find a couple of small scorpions crossing our site. Keeping an eye on these local inhabitants we managed to complete everything and enjoy the warm weather. A range of bird species kept us attracted to the site although getting photos continued to be difficult.

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Nyah Recreation Reserve 2

sunny 24 °C

Friday 3rd

We enjoyed the warm weather and leisurely wandering around the Reserve including the fishing of several folk camped along the river bank.

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Nyah Recreation Reserve 1

sunny 24 °C

Thursday 2nd

Nyah is a large site and proved to be a pleasant spot for two or three days rest. The village consisted of a few homes and about three shops on a rise above the river front. However the river bank was an interesting spot with plenty of fishing spots for those keen on the famous Murray Cod, yellow-belly fish and the curse of the Murray water system, imported carp. The carp have seriously damaged the ecology of the Murray water systems and therefore State Governments have proscribed this species and all carp caught are to be destroyed and not returned to the river.

All this was a bit too much for Adrian who bought a small fishing rod and basic gear and headed off to be our hunter/gatherer! His enthusiasm was rewarded with a couple of fish, but only one was an acceptable size.

He was very happy with his result. Meanwhile we tried to get a photo of one of the local birdlife, although they all proved very hard to get a clear shot off. Fellow travellers seemed to enjoy the location as well and we enjoyed a number of interesting conversations with them.

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Barham Lakes CP to Nyah Recreation Reserve

sunny 23 °C

Wednesday 1st

Barham Lakes CP to Nyah Recreation Reserve started with a search for some 30 carved statues of local people who had become famous in the Barham, Kerang and Koondrook area. The names included Sir John Gorton (former PM), Stuart Appleby (world class golfer and general nice guy). Very interesting list but not photogenic due to poor lighting.

The day proved to be a very pleasant journey through green farmland with large herds of dairy and sheep as well as many hectares of grain. The road itself was one of Victoria’s better efforts and that made a bit of on-road sightseeing easier while driving.

We stopped at Lake Boga for a break and to visit the Catalina Flying Boat Museum. An excellent presentation (by video) and a static Catalina display. That Lake Boga boasted a secret Catalina flying boat repair facility during WWII was news to almost everyone who visited. The fascinating tale of their history is worth a study (online I am sure - maybe on Wikipedia). Highly recommended, and a look at this lovely little country town is worth a visit again.

We stopped in Swan Hill and ate lunch before trying Hardly Normal for a new microwave, but without success. Moving on we soon located our destination at Nyah Recreation Reserve (C6 # 333 Vic) for a few nights break. This is an RV friendly village and the local Harness Racing Club have opened up their very large site for caravan and motorhomes to stay for a reasonable time. Well worth the stop even though there are no showers here (!!) but there is water, a dump site and a lot of shade. It is a pity that the little township appears to be a terminal case with almost all commercial activity closed down already. Maybe the RV market will help keep it alive. I hope so.

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Moama to Barham Lakes CP

sunny 20 °C

Tuesday 30th
Only a short journey today from Moama to Barham Lakes and so we each had different chores to attend to at camp and in town and so Mary and I eventually got away and crossed back into Echuca, Victoria, and on seeing an Aldi store a quick deviation was made to get some of their Chai Latte packets for Mary as they are as scarce as hen’s teeth!
A good road out of town and the very flat terrain with no wind meant that we had a pleasant drive to Barham, again on the border. We stopped at a couple of small towns, including Cohuna and enjoyed the tidy streets and excellent parking for travellers (as well as the bakery).
We arrived at Barham Lakes Caravan Park just prior to lunch and had a lovely green-grassed site allocated to us and immediately got set up. The rest of the entourage arrived a bit later having had a variety of unusual road systems to get here!
After lunch the wind really picked up and we had some very strong gusts that caused us all to take the awnings back down to prevent damage. The Murray River was just meters from our sites and we would have liked to have walked along the banks but the wind gusts were too unpleasant to do that.
Eventually we went to have our various evening meals, except for me as the microwave broke down after Mary had cooked hers!! Finally managed to heat something up on the stove and then spent some time checking tomorrow’s weather which was rather better than this afternoon!

Sorry about the update delay - unfortunately my wireless device was not recharged. Will be off air until I can get to a 240V location on Monday probably.

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