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sunny 20 °C

Monday 29th
Some washing and other maintenance was done and then we all had a ‘board planning meeting’ to finalise the next week’s travel and managed that eventually after a lot of laughs.
Some went to take photos and a few easy items while I endeavoured to type up a revise schedule and email to the others.
A pleasant and warm day.

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Moama (markets and all)

sunny 18 °C

Sunday 28th

Weary travellers decided to have a walk around the markets across the road. The Moama markets seem to me to be good quality with a range of useful stuff and almost not ‘fairy’ stuff. Even had a couple of aging rockers playing some nice music. Mary and I then headed over the border bridge into Echuca to have a look at the sights and note that little had changed in the four years since our last visit.

Arriving back at camp I went to the office to check, for Rob and Margaret, the availability for them to stay on the following night. The manager, Peter, laughingly advised me that he knew all about their request because they had just arrived from up north and were on an adjacent block! Surprise.
Back at camp a few chores were done as the wind became quite gusty. As we were camped under some large ‘widow-maker’ gum trees and so our concern was that none of the old branches fell onto us or our rigs. Fortunately no disaster ensued – until the wind died down and we had a loud bang on our van roof. A dead branch had dented the van roof but had missed the plastic vents close to the impact.
A pleasant afternoon with cuppas and chats.

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Wodonga to Christies Beach (and other places)!!!

sunny 18 °C

Saturday 27th

Wodonga to Christies Beach freecamp!! Although we were up quite early, especially Adrian whose van wheels were almost below ground level even after the ramps had been put in place, it took some time for him to ‘evacuate’ from his site. As my GPS had expired yesterday we needed to buy a new one and so I dropped Mary at the local shops for the weekly shop and I managed to get a new Navman and returned to the shops ready to leave town.

It was a reasonably pleasant drive as we passed through much flatter fields that the last few days and everything looked much greener too.

After some hours of driving we approached the Echuca area intending to freecamp at Christies Beach a few minutes drive out of town and right on the banks of the Murray River. We followed the Navman instructions carefully however we got concerned when it told us to drive down a narrow lane with very little spare room for the van. When we reached a sort od river bank we could not find anything resembling a camp site. We walked around and eventually decided to try and exit the place. Managing to get back on the narrow street we tried t contact Adrian to advise them not to try and access this non-existent camp, however they were out of mobile range!

We waited and then had a call from them and we then tried to get Navman to get us to Garmin! Another twenty minutes wasted and by then it was about 1600 and we were all tired. Finally we met up on the main road and Adrian’s GPS gave them the same bad result as us, so we tracked a nearby caravan park to try a get a night’s rest there. Sorry, everything is full. The nice lady did make some phone calls and found us a couple of sites over the border at Moama. Great, we thought, and headed off over the bridge with our GPS’s telling us to drive some way up the Cobb Highway. Wrong! I shortly turned back as we had been advised to go to a campsite adjacent to the Sunday Markets site at the bridge.

In the meantime Adrian had disappeared part way up the Highway to Deniliquin!! We checked in and eventually we had both settled for the night! Very tired and not a little annoyed at the GPS failures for the day.

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Wodonga/Albury and Lake Hume

sunny 19 °C

Friday 26th

Another warm shower in the very tidy ablution block and we were ready for the day. We eventually hit the road (after the weather had improved to sunny) and I drove us out to the Hume Dam. It is a large dam and was one of the world’s biggest back in the 1930’s, and since it has been added to thus increasing water storage and flow control for the whole river system. A very pleasant spot with plenty of photo opportunities. (Apologies that my photos have yet to be uploaded but we have had a number of time-destroying situations that have delayed that).

As Mary had wanted to finally visit a Hog’s Breathe Café for a steak dinner we planned to cross back into Albury (NSW) to enjoy that dinner tonight. Not long after we departed the park my brand new Garmin GPS died. As one expects of these Murphy-like events it can always get worse, and so we tried, in the last rays of daylight, to try and get a ‘fix’ on exactly where we were and how to cross the border.

By this time I was very unhappy and the streets all seemed to be in revolt with providing accurate street information. As an aside, the Wodonga and Albury Councils may expect some comments on the miniscule street signs often obscured by non-essential other advertising!!!! I have a serious aversion to lazy councils who permanently fail to enforce street numbers on each and every property or building. In contrast, much as I have a low regard for Canberra and what it often stands for I will give them a TEN for large and accurate street signs!!!

With some help from a map Mary managed to get us close to our planned destination and we arrived late for dinner. The staff were very friendly and our various orders Mary & I were rather disappointed with the quality of our respective meals, especially at the prices charged. Afterwards we were very happy to follow Adrian back into Victoria in the dark (pun intended!).

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Henry Angel Flat to Granya/Cottontree State Park


semi-overcast 17 °C

Wednesday 24th

A cold night and a lovely day to follow again. The trip south to Corryong township was again a pleasant trip with plenty of hills and valleys and great views along the way. Most enjoyable.

Arriving in Corryong in time for a tea break we scored a couple of parks right outside the Information Centre and toilet facilities. The town while not large had a fairly wide main street with the usual selection of shops and looked nice and tidy.

The lady in the Information Centre seemed to epitomise the friendly nature of the rest of town as Mary returned from a shopping excursion with tales of almost being held hostage with chatty staff in the various shops. The Info lady provided us with heaps of local and region options for tonight’s stay and so, for the third time, we changed to use her suggestion at Cotton Tree State Park and picnic area, located just south of the Murray River.

The bakery was great and also had a range of piggy items for sale. When questioned apparently the bakery owners were called Hogg, hence the piggy stuff. The local garage also had a large pig sited outside the garage so I presume that there was some relationship there to!

As a result of the stopover change we returned to the village of Towong on the bank of the Murray River and turned left and for the next couple of hours thoroughly enjoyed the river and pastoral vistas. The various recommendations proved to be true and interesting. The sky gradually clouded over and the weather looked increasingly gloomy. One unfortunate icident took place when I decided to remove my sweater and placed my spectacles on my car seat - and then sat on them. Very flat specs and completely unuseable! We stopped at the village of Walwa for a nice coffee in a very fascinating shop. Recommended for other travellers.

Continuing westward we eventually turned south and found the almost non-existent small village of Granya and I missed the turnoff to the park just as it started to rain again. I continued up the hill until I found a ‘reasonable’ about turn and made it back to the correct turnoff - followed by a couple of kilometres of gravel road that soon ended up down a steep slope and into the park campsite. The place was quite damp but a long way from noisy traffic but very much filled with noisy birds for a change.

Eventually we managed a couple of level sites and were very soon set up and enjoying the bird choral society. Mary and I managed a reasonable stroll up the mountain ridges and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the natural bush, returning to camp just as it started to rain. The first time in over two weeks so could not be unhappy with that change.

We all watched a brief video (there being no TV in this mountainous area) and then enjoyed a quiet night under the rainy skies. The rain frequently became heavy and, with a much warmer night, not much sleep was possible.

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